It’s like gravity.Your whole center shifts.suddenly It’s not the earth
holding you would do anything,be anything she needs.a friend a
brother,a protector

“Meteor 60 seconds” is a simulation of an escape tour, in these 60
seconds you can do anything in the game, play, kiss, kiss the dog and so
on, 60 seconds after the end of the end.

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图片 2

A: How are you feeling?

图片 3

B: Not very well. I still have a cold.

图片 4

A: Still? It’s been over a week now, hasn’t it?

图片 5

B: Yeah, it’s been a while. I started feeling this way last Monday.

图片 6

It’s a simple, funny, cartoon like action game that simulates your life.
If there’s a meteor advancing towards the earth, you will have 60
seconds of life. Do anything you want to do in the last 60 seconds, even
if it’s illegal! How about growing an apple tree?

A: Have you done anything about it? 

B: Yes, I have. I took some medicine this morning and I feel a little
better now.

A: What’s wrong? 

B: I have a bad cough. 


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